Ali Hutchinson
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Chandelier / installation / St Johns shopping centre

St John's market
Fairy lights, film
June 2017

The interior of a dead line of fairy lights, stripped back and tied together. This is the thing that I do when I have pain. Strung in lines from a strip light turned off, they recreated a kind of abstract died chandelier.

I earthed the work by filling the cracks in the floor with cement made from the cement mix taken from the two buried poems.

Showing in St John's market, in pain the new corporate environment of the market strung me out, and I found myself inhabiting the parallel underbelly of the building still visible under the cheap make over, the storage cages and old corridors, and getting to know the cleaners and traders.

I worked from and showed in a storage cage, inviting guests to visit it by phoning my number on a pet tag cut on one of the stalls.