Ali Hutchinson
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Royal College of Art / MFA Sculpture / September 2017 -
Liverpool JMU / MFA Fine art / - June 2017

I create unseen rituals to navigate life, using repurposed broken objects, unseen actions, exploration, small acts and transactions with strangers. Creating a parallel world of signalling languages with no key, broken communication signalling hope and defiance, arcane outdoor knowledge and observation and invisible actions.

Following neurosurgery in 2015 I developed my practice as a necessary way of navigating and owning a strange solitary parallel world in which I found myself. Relearning how to understand space, write and communicate I developed a language of obsolete and broken signalling and navigation, negotiations with strangers and solo ritualised explorations.

Loaded with an upbringing in mountaineering I test and redefine notions of courage and heroism, based on exploration, courageous physical acts, pitting yourself against the elements and related untrustworthy narrative.

I create an apocalyptic or parallel language of flags, hides, and ladders, remaking broken icons of security and protection into symbols of escape and rescue, creating a new territory, staking a claim and laying down a new form of communication. Materials are poor but spiritually rich, psychically or materially useful, remade they carry a trace of their previous use. Remade into objects for flight and escape, signalling hope and defiance they signal potential for metamorphosis and change in life.

Working within or responding to an environment, pieces, from ritualised communication with strangers to large site specific installations are temporal and impermanent, a route to understanding rather than a means to make art. Sculptural objects are weapons or shields and in their latent resting stage are charged with potential for future use, an internal narrative.

I make transactions involving strangers, help with my work in return for a volunteered secret, the record of small invisible wins, heroic summits of persuasion. Often involving people existing within a different type of life on the margins, gangsters, river pilots, road diggers and priests.

I seek wild spaces, literal and magical, and exploration, openness to chance, to failure and change, and awareness of elements, nature and the world around are a key part of my practice. Referencing obsolete knowledge and languages, outdated tide tables, maritime signal code, invisible dock boundaries and night writing, besides arcane outdoor knowledge, a language of cairns and markers, and a sense of place.
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