Ali Hutchinson
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A nautical mile of unravelled boat rope / installation / MAKE, Liverpool Biennial fringe

the caretaker
Rope unravelled and knotted in reef knots to create a nautical mile, bones
June - July 2016

For Liverpool Biennial fringe 2016 I created a site specific dockside warehouse installation, throwing a nautical mile of unravelled and reknotted boat rope over four floor high rafters.

Cut from the end of my own boat line in a post industrial canal wasteland, unravelled to its finest point and reknotted in reef knots to create a nautical mile, it is the trace of a physical journey and of a month long feat of endurance, and describes conceptually the notion of a pilgrimage whilst standing still and personal unraveling and remaking.

The location in a partly derelict, once magnificent dock mirrors the entropic post industrial wasteland where the rope was cut.