Ali Hutchinson
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Proto - residency / Bidston Observatory

Bidston Observatory
Proto - residency. Research, writing, signalling, film.
May 2017


26. DREAM:
It is night, with stars in the sky. A voice says, "Now it will begin." The dreamer asks, "What will begin?" Whereupon the voice answers, "The circulation can begin." Then a shooting star falls in a curious leftward curve.

Signalling poetry in Morse code at 4am from Bidston Observatory, across the river to poetry from the Hilton in another time.

Staying at Bidston Observatory in an unofficial residency, in the time between the building's use as an observatory and it's reopening as an artist residency, I felt privileged to inhabit this parallel and unseen time between two states. Researching, signalling poetry in torchlight, with flags, and leaving hidden messages.

The marked page in Jung's Dreams, found in the observatory cupola library predicted the night's film.